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Lived Experiences of Female Victims of Child Marriage
Seyedeh Zahra Eftekharzadeh[1]
Received: 23/1/2015           Accepted: 27/10/2015
Child marriage is defined as marriage before reaching the age of 18. The present study aimed at studying the lived experiences of women who had been victims of child marriage in earlier stages of their lives. The data was collected through focused interviews with 12 women in Tehran.
The twelve women, married in their childhood, were selected through the snowball method. Their experiences were collected through semi-structured interviews, rewritten and analyzed using the Colaizzi method.
After the compilation of the interviews, twelve content points were extracted. The results showed that early marriage can be a positive factor in the incidence of domestic violence and dropping out of school. From the perspective of the marital relationship, child marriage can be one of the instances of sexual abuse of children. The majority of  the victims are also mothers under the age of 18. Early marriage often leads to exploitation of women, including domestic work, rural work or employment outside the home. Poverty and economic factors, cultural factors and fear of disgrace have  been the most important factors in the incidences of early marriage in the sample. Content extraction revealed that women face many problems in child marriage incidences. It seems that economic and cultural growth can act as a deterrent, but are not sufficient and it requires changes in attitudes, processes, culture and the law.
Key Words: Early marriage, Child marriage, Lived experience, Qualitative Study
experimental group during seven, two-hour sessions. Finally, the post-test
was applied on both groups and subsequently in a three-month follow-up test was performed and the achieved outcome was analyzed, using covariance. Results showed that the average point in the experimental group increased and the rate of relapse in the experiment group decreased comparing with the control group. In conlclusion, solution-focusedbrief therapy for improving resiliency and decreasing relapse to addiction has a suitable capability.
KeyWords: Solution-Focused brief Therapy, Resiliency, Preventing Relapse to addiction

[1]. M.A. in Social Work, Allameh Tabataba’i University.

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