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Purpose: The purpose of this study is to investigate the effectiveness of the task_centered model on clients in the social work.
Method: This study is categorized as descriptive studies and in practice, its implementation process has been done in a systematic review. The statistical population of this research includes articles, researches and experimental studies published in Farsi and English related to the evaluation and effectiveness of the task_centered model at the levels (individual, group and family) in different clients.
Findings: After searching the data in the databases, 19 studies that met the research entry criteria and were recognized as valid in terms of the hierarchy of evidence were included in the research. The general result of the reviewed researches has found interventions with a task_centered model to be effective for a diverse range of clients.
Conclusion: Based on the systematic review of the research related to the title of the current research, the task_centered model at the individual, group, and family levels can be used for clients with a wide range of issues and problems; As with chronic mental patients, the elderly, schizophrenic patients, students, adolescents at risk, labor children and their families, the effectiveness of this model has been proven. Overall, there is empirical support for this model, although much more research is needed on which clients and problems might benefit from a task_centered approach.


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