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Environmental destruction and climate change are the source of the most important threats to human health, access to vital resources and basic human rights. Social work as a profession rooted in human rights and social justice can play an important role in human rights and social and environmental justice issues. From this point of view, during the last few decades outside of Iran, a change of discourse in social work has taken place and social workers have presented significant works and activities in both theoretical and practical fields in relation to the environment and sustainable development. In this study, with the aim of understanding the extent and nature of social work literature in relation to environmental issues and sustainable development in the field of theorizing and practical interventions, the important works of this field between 2000 and 2023 were systematically reviewed. The data of these articles were extracted in two parts: theoretical approaches and practical interventions of social work in environmental issues and sustainable development. Various conceptualizations and approaches, such as eco social approach, green social work, deep ecological work, and the like, show conceptual inflation in the epistemological field of the relationship between social work and the environment. In the methodological field, social workers, with regard to environmental issues and sustainable development, directly or indirectly carry out activities such as promoting environmental justice, developing social and technical infrastructure, assessing social impacts, participating and organizing people, educating and raising environmental awareness and literacy have been carried out.