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1 Department of social sciences in Yasouj university

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Today, the spread of dependency on drugs in the national and international scope imposes a lot of costs on governments, and it is essential to carry out social and research to reduce these costs. This research uses a structural perspective to answer the questions. What is the state of fighting against drug addiction in Iran? Furthermore, the research compares Iran with some other countries to reveal the weaknesses and strengths of fighting against drug addiction in Iran. The research has made use of the secondary analysis method. The written documents and the existing statistics available in international organizations have been employed to answer the questions. The findings were analyzed in four segments including comparing the situation of drug abuse in Iran and other countries, drug abuse and some indicators of human and welfare development, general policies in solving the problem of drug abuse in Iran and the world, and finally the dynamics of the drug market in the world. the research showed that drug abuse is increasing in Iran and the world, and psychedelics are dominant over drug abuse. In this path, policies based on fighting the reduction of supply and demand of drugs just increase the costs of drug addiction in society if they don’t consider strengthening the economic and social infrastructure of the society. Therefore, the policy-making experiences of countries with low drug abuse show that solving drug abuse requires culturalization and strengthening of the socio-economic foundation of the society. In other words, fighting against causes not effects.


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