Document Type : Research Paper


1 Employee of Tehran University of Medical Sciences

2 ,AllamehTabataba’i



This study was conducted with the aim of analyzing the social dimensions of mourning during the Covid-19 pandemic. The sources or statistical society of this research includes all the qualitative and quantitative research, published both in the Persian and in English, conducted on the social dimensions of mourning during the Covid-19 between December 2019 and May 2023. Based on the entry-exit criteria of the articles, 287 articles were obtained, and after searching, screening and qualitative evaluation of the studies, at the end of the final synthesis, 28 articles were selected. According to the findings of this research, 71.43% of the selected articles were done by qualitative methods and 28.57% by quantitative methodologies. The most used tool was the interview with which 60.71% of the articles had been done. Regarding the practical solutions and suggestions extracted from the studies, the highest frequently suggested approach was the emphasis on the necessity of developing a culture of condolence and virtual mourning and memorial ceremonies to support the survivors (32.14%). Also, the highest level in the distribution of categories was related to the category of disruption in the process of mourning rituals which was 21.43%. The results of this research show that people's reaction to bereavement during the Covid-19 pandemic is closely related to social and cultural aspects, and despite the importance of the social aspects of bereavement and health, more attention has been paid to its psychological and physical aspects.


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