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PhD in Cultural Sociology



Suicide is among the human behaviors influenced by different biological motives.In current conditions, some issues such as the increasing rate of suicide, the decreasing age of attempting suicide, and the increasing rate of using violent ways to suicide have made it necessary to address this subject as a social problem. Using a qualitative approach and based on the grounded theory of the social and cultural reasons behind suicide attempt, the current study aims to investigate the interaction between the person who suicides and his/her family, group and society as well as its relationship with suicide attempt. Through this, the study seeks to find a more vivid image of the relationship between the factors affecting suicide attempt. A purpose-based sampling was applied in this study; the data was collecting by interviewing the subjects who attempted suicide (15 females) and were treated in the hospitals of Tehran, Iran. The findings indicate that the factors explaining the suicide attempt from the viewpoint of suiciders included Verbal violence, physical violence, social violence, forced displacement, the prevention of employment and divorce, the pressure of tradition, the feeling of tirednees and loneliness, disputes with the schools parents and relatives, lack of sympathy for the spouse, child labor, illness and physical problems, lack of the sponsor and the non- acceptance of the family were identified as the causative conditions of suicide. The results showed that the most obvious reason for the suicide attempt was the way these individuals or their families dealt with the issue of violence.


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