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1 M.A of sociology

2 assistant professor/ Razi university

3 professor assistant/ Razi university



The main issue of this interpretative letter is the opinion of the women of Kermanshah on why the phenomenon of street harassment occurs in this city. This problem is exploratory and the macro analysis has paid attention to the macro relationships surrounding this phenomenon. The research method corresponds to exploratory topics and relies on the theory of contexts. Data collection has been done with semi-structured interview technique and sample selection with theoretical ideas and problem selection. Research has categorized the data by coding categorical steps to uncover hidden meanings.
The result of the research with the categories of what is harassment, the result and its characteristics, why the phenomenon, the type of intruders and solutions to solve it, harassment is caused by the difference in socio-economic location of perpetrators and victims. According to respondents, intruders are of low social level, uneducated, lacking skills and have people who are trying to make up for it with street harassment. Harassment can have such features based on the background and social type of the perpetrators, with mutual respect and equality of both sides. Social relationships beyond gender and the relationship between the two sexes are the main cause of the phenomenon of street harassment, and the way to reduce it is equality for everyone in access to basic needs, including marriage.


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